My work explores the phenomenon of syncretism among intersecting cultures and faiths. I am especially interested in contemporary new religions and healing practices that place an emphasis on vision as a means to interact with non-human intelligences (e.g. meditation, scrying). I sympathize with animistic philosophies such as Deep Ecology, where Earth is regarded a living entity, and want to give alternative beliefs a voice using decentralized digital platforms, combating the corporate, centralized media networks.

Borrowing visual elements from (folk-)religious iconography and layering those with elements from mainstream culture, my aim is to construct believable worlds in the imagination that reveal how we fabricate reality. The medium of film, through video compositing and animation, has proven to be especially suited for approaching the animistic realities I envision. Reviewing the history of visual media, I see it evolving towards a system of instantaneous transmission of living information.

Along the lines of the experimental therapy of psychodrama, different phases of my life and art are demarcated by the adoption of unique and often outlandish characters, archetypal in nature, that I have created and embodied as a vehicle for exploring non-ordinary states of consciousness. More recently, I have conceptually departed from this emphasis on the self in favor of role-playing within the group dynamic.

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